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Currently studying to be a dog behaviorist.

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Bite Back 
is an animal rights organization based in Belgium. They are the only organization here that truly has an effect on people because they can get the attention of the national media easily. But today they revealed something that no other organization in Belgium has ever done before.

A couple of volunteers went undercover for months in 9 local pig farms to reveal the true horror of the meat industry in Belgium. This is the first time an organization was able to do this, seeing as all Belgian farms are highly secured and it’s almost impossible to go undercover in our local factory farms. 

Today all videos were released into the national media. This has caused a lot of disturbance, seeing as we Belgians always thought our ‘food’ got treated with kindness. But these images and videos speak for themselves. 

Bite Back has now sued these nine farms and want them to be shut down. They have started a petition to raise awareness and are looking for as much people as possible to help them close these farms.

I would highly appreciate this if everyone would share this post and sign the petition. Please raise awareness and help us stop these horrendous practices and shut down these farms.

Here is the link to the videos:

Here is the link to the petition:

You can find the fields to fill in the petition at the right side of the page, under the picture of the pig. It’s in Dutch so I’ll explain how you have to fill it in:

'Voornaam': Here you fill in your first name. 
'Achternaam':  Here you fill in your last name.
'Email': speaks for itself. Here you fill in your email address.
'Bevestig email': Here you fill in your email address again. 
'Gemeente': you don’t have to fill this in.

And last, do not check the box (otherwise it’ll send you news letters in Dutch) and click 'Onderteken nu'.

Please sign and share. Raise awareness. You can help us stop these practices. Thank you so much.

EDIT: It’s important to click the link you’ll receive in your mailbox after signing the petition. It will confirm your signature. 

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